What do we do?

We (Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh) help companies that use Microsoft to measurably improve the productivity of their employees.

We address three major productivity killers that are issues for most companies. Our recent productivity survey revealed:

  • The top productivity killer is the frustration of not setting and executing on priorities. This leads to a lot of busy work instead of results.


  • The second productivity killer is poorly planned and managed meetings. One third of meetings have been shown to be unnecessary. Half of the meeting time is spent on irrelevant topics – wasted.


  • A close third is the time wasted dealing with email overload. Overwhelmed people make poor decisions, and procrastinate. Up to 1,5 hours every day get wasted while reading and replying to emails.

Of these three, which do you feel could be the biggest productivity killer in your company? 

Is there any reason why we should not have a quick 17-minute conversation about how to get rid of your productivity killers?

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