What do we do?

We help companies that use Microsoft Outlook to measurably improve the productivity and wellbeing of their employees.

After working with us, people do the things they have already been doing anyway, but easier, faster, and better.

In the process they save 40 minutes every day. have less stress, are more oranigsed and in control, make better work-related decisions, and communicate even better.

Our clients are already successful in business.

They still find it valuable to talk to us about three challenges in their day-to-day workflow efficiency.

    • Too many time-wasting meetings.  Lots of hot air is produced, but few results.
    • Wasting time with email overload. Because they lack a clear decision-making system people remain stuck in their Inbox rather than doing the actual work.
    • Inability to prioritise effectively when things keep changing. This leads to a lot of busy work instead of results.

Maybe one or more of these are true for you and your business as well?

Are you open to having a17-minute conversation about your current situation, and challenges?  

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Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh

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