Time with a rose

Dewitt Jones’ talk “Extraordinary Visions!” made an everlasting impression on me when I first experienced[...]

Oh. the stories we tell!

I enjoyed stopping by for a few minutes to watch this lady paint before I[...]

The clouds don’t care

Friday, on my first flight since March 2020, I was served the most beautiful tablecloth[...]

Creative procrastination

I think it might be called creative procrastination. You want to do something but you[...]

It winked at me

You should have seen this little bird about 25 minutes before I took this photo.[...]

Inactive Recipient

Something caught my eye on my internet banking page over the weekend. My one business[...]

What’s the best thing about a Friday? It’s one day closer to Monday!

What's the best thing about a Friday? It's one day closer to Monday! People look[...]

Which sunrise is the winner? Or are they just different?

I seem to be stuck on sunrises this time of year!  It makes me happy[...]

In praise of a window … …it opens and closes – for us to use.

I was working at my desk last Monday morning when I looked up and saw[...]

Peace. Possibility. ’nuff said…

At peace on Sunday... ... and the promise of another new opportunity on Monday... ...the[...]