The Case for Independent Self-Study and Private Coaching

Independent Self-Study

Many people work and learn at their best on their own at their own pace. They prefer to learn processes and digest information in their own time, rather than with a group of people. 

They are self-motivated, and can manage their time and priorities effectively. They enjoy self-reflection and personal growth.

If this sounds like you, you can enroll for our courses that are available in an on-demand independent self-study format.

Outlook Productivity: Clarify, prioritise, organise, and stay focused on your work. Get it done easier, faster, and better.

Managing Small Projects: Manage everything for your projects in one place using the tools you already have.

Private Coaching and Tuition

Many people learn and do better when working one-on-one with a coach.

Professional sports people benefit from working with a coach. Tennis players, golfers, rugby and soccer teams – everyone is better off.

Personal productivity is not different.  Some people do better when working in a team.  Others are 100% DIY. Then there are people who really thrive when learning with accountability in a coaching relationship.

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