Welcome to your online resource of articles relating to your Productivity Breakthrough Modular programme!

This is not meant to be an exhaustive resource on the various topics in the programme, but rather a collection of articles and blogs that I found useful.   I might even add articles during the course of the programme when I come across something valuable.

There will be no detailed discussion about these articles in the different modules.  Nor will there be a “test”.

These articles will stay on this web site for the duration of your programme, but I suggest that you create a “Productivity Breakthrough” folder on your computer and download and save the articles.

It will be great if you can read and review the articles before you do the module, but there is no specific sequence in which you should read it.

I hope you find value in reading them and applying some of the ideas.

I hold no copyright on these articles so feel free to share what you find of value with family, friends, and colleagues.

And when you find something of particular value, teach it to someone within 48 hours after reading it.


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MODULE 1: How to create and sustain a productive mindset (click to download)

As a man thinketh

The Formula for Failure and Success

Self discipline The power of no excuses Brian Tracy

8 Characteristics of a personal productivity mindset

Everyone Should Learn The Mindset Of Productive People

Self discipline miracle B Tracy (1)

Shifting Your Productivity Mindset

The Elements of A Productive Mindset

You can do anything but not everything

Workbook: Productivity Breakthrough Module 1

 Access the video here, with password supplied to you in the email.


MODULE 2: Clarity.  “Clarity brings power.” – Tony Robbins


I have split the articles in two categories “Read before you watch” and “Read at any time”

Read/watch/do before the webinar video


Clarity of purpose and direction

Core Values of the CLARITY company

Video:“From Emotional Chaos To Clarity:  How to Live More Skillfully, Make Better Decisions, and Find Purpose in Life” by Phillip Moffit.   (5:00)

Living Your Values part 1

Clarity in communication

Stephen Covey: short video about the essence of Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood (1:38)

Clarity in delegation

Quickly review this document about “Win win agreement” – I will refer to it during the webinar video: Win-win agreement

Read/watch/do at any time during this module


Living Your Values Part 2

Clarity in communication

Habit 5 Synopsis: Seek first to  understand, then to be understood

Assignments (highly recommended – “must do” !) – Can be done at any time during the module (after watching the webinar video will probably be best)

1. Using the material above, generate a prioritised list of your 5 current most important values.

2. Use this link to the FranklinCovey website to begin building your personal mission statement.

3. Use the Win-Win Agreement format above to create an agreement about work you can delegate.

Workbook: Productivity Breakthrough Module 2 – Clarity

Access the video here with password ctisthebest





















































































































































In preparation for your Personal Productivity Breakthrough workshop, please read the following articles.


After the workshop you will get access to my on-line repository of productivity articles, web references and book suggestions.


You can do anything but not everything


The Formula for Failure and Success


As a man thinketh


































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