What’s the best thing about a Friday? It’s one day closer to Monday!

What’s the best thing about a Friday?

It’s one day closer to Monday!

People look at me as if I am crazy when I say this. On Friday it brought laughter to people in one of my online workshops. And they were happy to end the week with a smile.

If we are “living for the weekend” every week, what does that say?

Are we in the right career?  Do our daily activities bring us closer to what matters most for us? Or is it more like “the daily grind”?

Weekends are great. Few things beat having little or no professional responsibility and the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, for 48 hours (Alyse Kalish). Maybe with the hybrid work environment that is no longer 48 hours…

I am just wondering what impact a mindset of “living for the weekend” could have on our everyday happiness.

This brings me back to one of my favourite quotes, by Epictetus: “First, say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do.”

Do you want to be in your current career?  Company?  Role? Job?

If not, would you agree that all our do-ing cannot bring happiness?

And that maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the direction in which you are steering your life?  This process from the FranklinCovey Company is useful for that.

Happy Monday!

Quote of the week

You may not remember the 1966 hit, Monday, Monday, by The Mamas & The Papas – enjoy it again with more than 39 million other viewers 😊

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