Welcome to the world of the Outlook ProductiviTree, where we specialise in helping organisations that use Microsoft Office on Windows to:

  • Save time and money to the value of one month’s payroll of its Outlook users – every year.
  • How?  By enabling people who use Outlook to use it as a real business productivity tool – not just for email and meetings. As a result, they save 40 minutes every day, are less stressed, regain focus, and make better decisions about their workflow. They get the right things done easier, faster, and better.

The fruits of the Outlook ProductiviTree are abundant and easy to get.  From the low-hanging fruit at the Essentials level, then growing through Adanced to Mastery. 

We have consolidated all our productivity improvement programmes in our Online School of Productivity.

The ProductiviTree is dynamic. As we grow and learn from our clients, it grows new branches.  It gets new grafts from new experiences. Old wood gets pruned. Now and then it sheds a few leaves.

Welcome. Relax. Enjoy the pause in the shade of the Outlook ProductiviTree. In time, you may want to enjoy its fruits of getting your right things done easier, faster, and better.

In the meantime, why not pull off the fast track for a free Outlook Productivity check-up and tune-up?  Click the blue button in the lower right-hand corner to make a booking.  No obligations arise – this is part of our service to the community of Outlook users.

Gerrit Cloete
Founder of the Online School of Productivity

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