What do we do?

The picture says it all.
Get rid of work overload and clutter.
Create an in-control, prioritised, well-organised, and manageable workload.

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MS Teams is changing the way in which organisations large and small organise, communicate, collaborate and xxxx.

We have therefore formed a strategic alliance with Productivity Active, founded by Richard de Villiers.

Microsoft Outlook. 

Microsoft Teams. 

It’s not “either or”.

It’s “both and”.


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MS Teams




Just started using MS Teams? Old hand at MS Teams?


Companies work with Richard because they want to use Teams to:

·         Improve team communication, collaboration, and productivity.

·         Organise information about projects in one place – not scattered over emails, WhatsApp, Phone calls and Zoom.

·         Get work done easier, faster, and better.

·         Fully use the functionality of Teams

·         Have better meetings.

·         Collaborate effective especially with remote workers.

·         Improve communication

Email Richard and he will be in touch

Who are we?

Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hatting at your service, specialists in helping individuals and teams in companies that use Microsoft 365 or Office 2010 and later to first get their work-plates empty and then manageable and in control. To get their right things done easier, faster, and better.

We look forward to talking with you!

Gerit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh