Which sunrise is the winner? Or are they just different?

I seem to be stuck on sunrises this time of year!  It makes me happy to see a different display of colour every morning.  One of these days with the winter rain in Cape Town, the different shades of orange, blue and purple will be replaced by different shades of grey.

 I shared this morning’s beauty with my brothers, sisters and friends.  As I did last Friday’s.  The pictures above are from Friday and today.

 Which one is the “best”?  Depends on who is looking and what you are looking for. They are similar yet very different in detail.

 Now put a picture of you next to a picture of someone else.  Which one is the “best”? 

 And if you add another person’s picture?

 And if you look at your family, friends, colleagues… is the one better than the other?

 Or are we all just different and the best in our own right?

 On that happy note, let me wish you a happy rest of the week.

Quote of the week

“There is always a bigger boat. If you think you’ve found the largest, someone will build a bigger one.  Someone will have a nicer car, a better vacation spot, a more successful kid, a grander résumé.

 Who cares? I don’t, and neither should you.  If you want to Thrive, focus on your personal happiness, not your relative position to others.”

 – Alan Weiss

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