In praise of a window … …it opens and closes – for us to use.

I was working at my desk last Monday morning when I looked up and saw a beautiful sunrise taking shape.

The beautiful display of light and cloud arrived to teach me – and not for the first time – that there’s a time for everything. A time for a thing of beauty to arrive, and a time for it to fade away.

In its own good time. Beyond my control.

My only job was to be there and stay present in this window of opportunity.

Every day is a window of opportunity. So is every hour. It opens and closes. And our job is to see it and take the action on offer – even if it just to take a few pictures.

There are many definitions for “window of opportunity”. I like this one, “A window of opportunity is a short period when a rare and desired action can be taken. Once the window closes, the opportunity may never come again.”

It’s important to notice that action is required while the window is open and if we want to use it.

No action, opportunity missed.

We can create our own windows of opportunity. There are those that come across our path.

The more aware we are of what’s going on around us, watching with open eyes, the better we can choose our response. No awareness, no opportunity.

I have probably missed many windows of opportunity so far in my life.

Do you have a way to recognise and exploit windows of opportunity?

Please let me know!

Quote of the week

Your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you respond to these windows of opportunity. Shrink from them and your life will be small, feel the fear and run to them anyway, and you life will be big. Life’s just too short to play little.

— Robin Sharma

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