Productivity Breakthrough for Companies That Use MS Outlook

8 Basic Work Habits Of Exceptionally Productive People


This is a personal invitation for you to join a workshop as my guest to see if it could be of value to use as an in-house programme in your company – no strings attached.


We developed this workshop to eliminate the productivity challenges people told us about in a recent survey, and helped them to:

  • Save 40 minutes per day (average).
  • Have less stress.
  • Have more control.
  • Manage workflow efficiently.
  • Communicate better.
  • Be very clear about what exactly their work is.
  • Focus on clear outcomes and actions.

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A solution

We designed our workshop Productivity Breakthrough for Outlook Users: 8 Basic Work Habits Of Exceptionally Productive People to help people enjoy these benefits and enjoy a more productive way of working and living.

Here are 8 Basic Work Habits that you will implement in your own Outlook during the workshop:

Work Habit 1 Think “Productive” A negative mindset (I don’t have the time; I am not good enough; I can multitask…) yields unproductive results.  It can be changed around.

Work Habit 2 Clarity: Make your work visible and actionable.  Your Inbox is not your work; you have to process your Inbox and then manage your actions in your Calendar and Tasks

Work Habit 3 Alignment: Make sure that the actions in your calendar and task lists support the achievement of your current priorities.  Delete the rest.

Work Habit 4 Focus: Stay with the task at hand – no multitasking, minimize distractions and interruptions.  Turn off notifications.  Say “no”.

.Work Habit 5 Adaptability: Be flexible and adapt to changes in context. Renegotiate commitments with yourself and others. Under-schedule.

Work Habit 6 Completion: Finish what you start.  Beware of perfectionism and procrastination.

Work Habit 7 Slow down to speed up: This is the paradox of high performance.  Things need to be done at the appropriate pace.  People who rush make 25% more mistakes.

Work Habit 8 Learn  and improve: There is always a better way of doing things; continuous improvement.

We have also included a special time-saver section to help you save time by using various keyboard shortcuts, tips, tricks and techniques in both the Outlook and Windows environment.

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This is an invitation to join a small group for an intensive and interactive hands-on-the-keyboard workshop to experience and evaluate the workshop (which is one element of our programme).

If you like it, we can talk more about doing it inside your company.  If you don’t like it, then we shake hands and say goodbye as friends.

This is not an “Outlook training” workshop.  Our aim is to enable you to improve your personal productivity and in the process also leverage the tool you are already familiar with and your company has already invested in.

You will practically implement processes for proven productivity improvement principles, and form 8 basic work habits that will increase your productivity.

 Bring your laptop and work live in your own Outlook so you don’t have to find extra time to implement your new knowledge and skills afterwards.  (We do not provide computers.)

As you will understand this cannot be a “free for all” invitation, but for people from companies who qualify and meet these criteria:

  • Increasing personal productivity is important.
  • There is a need to achieve this within the next 4 months.
  • There is budget to support this initiative.
  • There are least 30 Outlook users in your company.
  • You, or someone attending the complimentary workshop with you, can make or strongly influence the decision to go ahead and do one or more in-house workshops if you like what you get.

Next opportunities in 2016 (subject to change)

Bloemfontein: 24 August (venue to be determined)

Cape Town:   17 August, 14 September, 12 October, 16 November, 14 December at Belmont Square Conference Centre, Rondebosch

Johannesburg: 17 August, 14 September, 12 October, 16 November, 14 December at Benvenuto Conference Centre, Randburg

Durban: 19 October (Venue to be determined. Probably in uMhlanga)

Time: 09:00 – 15:00 (including sufficient time for lunch and breaks)

As my guest you get:

  • Professional and expert facilitation
  • A CD with the complete manual and relevant productivity articles
  • Laminated “Map For Action” that will help you to make your work visible and actionable
  • Workbook in which you make your personal notes
  • An attendance certificate (on request)
  • Free parking
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Never-ending support: fortnightly webinars as well as email and telephone support – even if you decide not to do further work with us.

To request your seats, click here.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of our next workshops!

Kind regards.

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