Is going micro the new big thing?

LinkedIn data confirms that:

• Online learning is here to stay: 40% of all workforce learning is now digital.
• Businesses are experiencing increased adoption in digital learning and training.
• There is a growing learner preference for more flexibility and bite-size education.

How do you feel about these trends?

We are doing it already.

  • Weekly 17-minute micro-productivity webinars on Wednesdays 11:07-11:24.  People love it – “Very practical and valuable.” 
  • 47-minute “brown bag lunch” webinars done online for your company. Short sections of microlearning.  Lots of interaction.  Stand-alone or a series.
  • Microlearning online: videos in our online courses are between one and five minutes.

A snapshot of topics for our micro webinars from March to June 2021:

  • Mind mapping.
  • Windows 10 time saving tips.
  • Prioritising .
  • Meaningful productivity.
  • Duncan tips: OneNote.
  • How to find info fast.
  • How to be organised in spite of yourself.
  • Limiting productivity beliefs.
  • Brown Bag Lunch.
  • Slow down to speed up.
  • Your Productivity Bermuda Triangle – Know it and avoid it.
  • Projects sliding into chaos?  Prevention is better than cure.
  • Flexible focus.
  • How to profit from your contradictions.
  • The essence of being proactive.

On-demand replays of these topics are available in our  

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