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Masterfully In Control, Relaxed, and on Top of Things with the Essential Skills of Mind Mapping Using the Tool Loved by Millions All Over the World. 

Welcome to our two-session webinar on mastering mind mapping with XMind 8.0 Pro Free software.

Duncan Hattingh, our tech expert, is ready to share skills with you that will help you to become even better at brainstorming, planning, organising, collaborating, and tracking progress.

The sessions are designed to introduce you to the practical benefits of and develop the skills for mind mapping in everyday life and to make it work in your own situation.

Whether you’re organising complex information, brainstorming ideas, or planning projects, mind mapping is a simple yet powerful tool that can help improve your clarity, creativity, and efficiency.

Ideal for professionals, students, and anyone looking to streamline their thought process, our webinar will provide you with the skills to transform your ideas into well-structured, actionable plans.

Join us to learn how mind mapping can make a tangible difference in your work and studies.

Note: We selected the XMind software because it is extremely easy to use, integrates well with other applications, and its universal appeal (millions of users). And it’s free.

Duncan Hattingh

Tech expert at Productivity Pit Stop.  He cannot wait to meet you on this webinar and share his experience and insights with you as you learn how to master XMind and mind mapping.

Benefits of Mind Mapping

  • Enhances Creativity
  • Improves Memory and Retention
  • Facilitates Better Organization
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Simplifies Complex Information
  • Facilitates Collaborative Thinking
  • Adaptable Across Various Fields
  • Integrates with Other Technology

Who Will Benefit Most?

  • Professionals and Businesspeople
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Creative Professionals
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Personal Development Enthusiasts
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Anyone Seeking to Improve Organizational Skills

Optimise your learning with our workshop, structured as two interactive sessions a week apart. Each is tailored to progressively enhance your mind mapping skills with XMind, focusing on practical techniques and personal application.

Session 1: Introduction and hands-on practice

You will leave this session and will have had hands-on experience in creating a detailed and structured mind map, applying various features of XMind, and understanding how mind mapping can be used for complex planning activities.

  • Prior to the workshop you install XMind on your computer.
  • Brief introduction to mind mapping and XMind software.
  • Guided hand-on activity: Planning a holiday trip to all nine provinces of South Africa.
    • Introduction to the theme: your big South Africa holiday.
    • Starting your mind map.  Add main topic for each province.
    • Add details: Specific destinations, attractions, accommodation, transportation options, and activities.
    • Incorporate XMind features. Add images (e.g., pictures of landmarks), links (e.g., to hotel websites), and notes (e.g., travel tips).
    • Collaborative interaction.  Share ideas or ask questions.
    • Experiment with your mind map.
    • Share screen to showcase your mind map.
  • Interactive Q&A.  Time for questions and answers, helping you overcome any immediate challenges.
  • Assignment for the week. create a more detailed mind map on a topic of your choice, using the skills learned in the session.

Session 2: Review, Advanced Techniques, and Personal Applications

  • Review and Feedback on Individual Assignments
    • Presentation of Individual Mind Maps.
    • Feedback on your mind map (if requested)/
  • Advanced XMind techniques
    • Expanding on basic skills: integrating multimedia, using complex structures, and customizing for specific types of projects.
    • Practical Applications and Tips. How the advanced features can be applied in real-life scenarios.
  • Interactive Q&A and Further Learning
    • Address specific questions about XMind and mind mapping techniques.
    • Clarify any challenges you encountered while working on your assignment.
    • Further learning.
  • Wrap-Up and Additional Resources.
    • Explore possibility of learning community.
    • Opportunities for ongoing engagament.

Session 1:
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Time: 10:30 – 12:30 (including break and Q&A)

Session 2:
Tuesday 12 December 2023
Time: 10:30 – 12:30 (including break and Q&A

We are happy to bring this experience to you at 50% off as an exclusive and limited introductory offer. 

For just R789 you get both sessions and on-demand recordings (VAT not applicable).  After receiving payment, we will notify you of the logistics.

This offer expires on 30 November 2023.

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