What we are doing

  • Putting the final touches on two new productivity-improvement courses.
  • The content has already been delivered successfully in a hybrid format between independent self-study and online group workshops.
  • We are now putting it to the test as intensive 3-hour online workshops.
  • Available as a public online workshop or just for you and your team.

How we can help each other

Join a public event.

  • You join one of our new-format courses and give us feedback about your experience. 
  • In this way you help to finetune the course.
  • To say thank you, we give you time-proven results at a 55% discount: R950 per participant instead of R2 100.
  • And if you register for both courses we give you a further R300 discount: R1 600 instead of R1 900.

Private in-house workshops: Do one or both workshops just for you and your team. 


Get Your Work Done With As Little Effort As Possible
Efficiently manage your small projects and actions

Outlook Productivity
Get the right things done.  Easier, faster, and better.

  • Eliminate email overwhelm.
  • Prioritise more effectively.
  • Stay focused.
  • Find information fast.
  • Save up to 40 minutes – every working day.
  • Real-time implementation.
  • Expert facilitation.

When: 30 November 2021.

We can also deliver a special in-house private course.

Managing Small Projects
Everything in one place.

  • Stay on top of your small projects – from beginning to end.
  • Plan, collaborate, communicate, track, celebrate your success.
  • Access spreadsheets, emails, documents from one central place.
  • Find any information in less than 2 minutes.
  • Use software you already know and have.
  • Leverage the investment already made in Office.

When: 9 December 2021.

We can also deliver a special in-house private course.