We help individuals and teams to use Microsoft Outlook more effectively
so that they eliminate email overwhelm, regain control, prioritise effectively,
stay focused, find information faster, and communicate with clarity –
and save 40 minutes every day.


Good day, and a warm welcome from Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh, co-founders of the Online School of Productivity

More than 13,000 Outlook users from over 320 companies in 12 countries rely on our system to get and stay even more productive.  To make life easier.  To beat overwhelm. To reverse the control their Inbox has over them. 

Many of these people work in 67 of the Top 500 Best-Managed Companies in South Africa. You will recognise some of our clients here…


We help individuals, teams and organisations to take their personal and team productivity to the next level.


By implementing our system of time-proven productivity principles in appropriate technology – specifically Outlook, OneNote, and XMind mind mapping software.

We are not in the business of just providing information.  We are at your side, supporting you to get the transformation you want. We help to take you to your next level of productivity.

We deliver results for you with you in our live online courses and support.

There are different solutions available, depending on your situation.

Click the button below, and by answering a few questions we will recommend your best solution.  .You can click to email us from any of the pages.




If you want to meet us, get practical tips you can use right away, and see how we work, join us for a free Outlook Productivity Educational Webinar. We offer them every two weeks on a Tuesday from 11:05-11:55.

See you there!

See you there…