Outlook Productivity

Getting your work done – easier, faster, and better.


The Purpose of Outlook Productivity

It’s very simple: To help you manage your workload even more efficiently.

You will:

  • eliminate email-overwhelm
  • stay on top of your priorities even when things change all the time
  • stay focused in a whirlwind of distraction
  • find information in a flash
  • have more productive meetings
  • manage your small projects more effectively.

As a Result

You will be happier and more productive. You will be less stressed and in control. 

You make better decisions as you clarify your actions and priorities.

On average, save 40 minutes per day – that’s one extra month of productive work every year. 

Your work mode changes from reactive to proactive. You respond rather than react.

You will use Outlook as a true business productivity tool and not just for email and meetings like most other people in most other organisations.

Your life gets easier. You are happier, and less stressed. You are relaxed yet focused.  You get things done. You become even more successful while you are preparing yourself for the next phase of your career.

How do we work together?  What is expected from your side?

  • You will join a group of 10-15 of your Deloitte colleagues.
  • We follow a hybrid online format.
    • On-demand self-study. 
    • Six weekly live, interactive, facilitator-led workshops of 50 minutes each.
    • Individual tuition. 
  • Join our weekly Productivity Pit Stop Open Forum for as long as you want. Get your questions answered.


Next steps…

To join the next group in Deloitte, complete and submit your application below.  Your application will be emailed to Lafras Eksteen and he will let you know within two business days if your application was successful or not. 

We are eager to be working with you.

Your facilitators

Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh