What we do

Increasing operational efficiency by minimizing waste and maximising resource capabilities is vital for all organisations.

We help organisations to achieve this “at the coal face” – creating greater synergy between people, process and technology to produce optimal operational efficiency.


We help people minimise their time wastage by implementing a proven workflow management process for the technology they’re using – Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Blackberry, iPhone and i Pad – thereby leveraging the investment the organisation has already made in these IT assets.

Who we work with

We work best with organisations who:

  • Are serious about increasing the productivity of their people.
  • Want to eliminate the waste of productive time because people are using outdated methods and habits of managing their workflow.
  • Want to see improved productivity within the next 4 months.
  • Have already invested significantly in IT assets like Outlook, Lotus Notes or GroupWise and would like to leverage their investment, or are in the process of migrating to Outlook Exchange.
  • Have 50+ knowledge workers/”white collar” employees using their software every day.

Our work is relevant to all industries as the principles on which it is based are universal.

How we do it

Since 2001, we have developed a number of services to assist our corporate clients increase their operational efficiency and the productivity of their people.

Next steps

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If you do not find the information you need on these pages feel free contact our founder Gerrit Cloete on gerrit@productivitypitstop.co.za or 082 737 3676.