We are more than happy to come to your company to do a workshop for you on these topics:

  • Paradoxical Thinking; How To Profit From Your Contradictions
  • Taming The Meeting Monster
  • Winning the war between you and your desk
  • How to use OneNote with Outlook to seamlessly manage information for your small projects

Click here to send us an email with your preferred telephone number and we will contact you.  Please type OTHER WORKSHOPS in your subject line.

Someone we really enjoy working with, and highly recommend, is Kevin Horsley and suggest you contact him if this description of what he does rings a bell for you.

Kevin Horsley is an International Professional Speaker, Grandmaster of Memory, World Record Holder and a #1 Amazon best selling author. He assists organisations in improving their learning, motivation, creativity and thinking. 

In all his years of research into the possibilities of the human mind, and working with different companies, he has found that there is a massive gap between getting information and using information.  

What he does is share key thinking tools and accelerated learning methods to close this gap.

Here is Kevin’s web site.

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