“Brown Bag Lunch” 

A brown-bag lunch is “An informal meeting or training that generally occurs in the workplace around lunchtime. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag meeting or a brown bag seminar because participants typically bring their lunches, which are associated with being packed in brown paper bags.”

WHY is this worth discussing?

Because it works. It promotes teamwork. It reinforces company values. It ensures consistent dissemination of information. It increases employee morale. It can also help employees learn about and develop important skills they can use outside the workplace.

Many companies have already implemented a version of a Brown Bag Lunch & Learn.

Some are more formal and structured than others, but no matter, these functions all serve an important function of camaraderie, ideation, and communication.

I’ve heard very interesting names for these events! “Tuesday Toolkit”. “Friday Cappuccino”. “Lunch and Learn”. “Thursday Thunder”. My personal favourite? “Productivity Pit Stop”.

In the new reality of the hybrid workplace, these events can serve as the virtual glue that keeps teams together as they discuss issues, brainstorm, problem-solve or receive expert advice and training from external speakers

“A seminar meeting is the most common and usually includes a guest speaker or expert who transfers their knowledge and experience about a specific topic to the gathering. This format often includes a short question-and-answer period at the end of the session.”

Watch a webinar replay to see how three of our clients are using these kind of events


Productivity Mastery – Simplified

I have developed an interactive online programme that you can use as part of your team development, or as a general programmes for diverse groups in your business.

It’s foundation is solidly in eight productivity principles and associated processes.


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