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Outlook Productivity Membership Resources

Welcome to the space we created for everyone who has ever sttanded one of our Outlook Productivity workshops – more than 15 000 already have!

Why this page?

Way back on the early 2000s we used to hand out 130-page manuals at our Outlook Productivity workshops.  Yes, we really did.

Greening our service, we replaced the manuals with a DVD case containing a CD with the manual and other items.

Nowadays laptops and desktops don’t even have a CD ROM drive anymore, and USB ports for flash drives are fast becoming obsolete.

Back to paper?  No!

Online distribution is the answer.  You can now download a searchable PDF with the Outlook Productivity manual and a bunch of other resources after registering as a member on this site.

Membership is FREE.

To access your material, click through to create your account.  This will help us to maintain membership integrity and prevent the unauthorised distribution of the intellectual property in which you now share.

And when a special offer for a new product or service becomes available, you will be the first to get the offer!


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