Outlook Productivity Online


Live, interactive facilitator-led online workshop.

Real-time implementation in your own Outlook.

What we are doing

  • Putting the final touches on our new format Outlook Productivity course.
  • The content has already been delivered successfully in a hybrid format between independent self-study and online group workshops.
  • We are now putting it to the test as an intensive 3-hour online workshop.
  • Available as a public online workshop or just for you and your team.

How we can help each other

Join a public event.

  • You join one of our new-format courses and give us feedback about your experience. 
  • In this way you help to finetune the course.
  • To say thank you, we give you time-proven results at a 50% discount: R950 per participant instead of R1 900.

Private in-house workshops: We can do the workshop just for you and your team. Click the red button below and we will be in touch.


This system is based on time-proven productivity principles and processes.  You get the tips, tricks, and techniques to beat the four biggest personal productivity challenges people have before working with us: After this course you will  be able to…

email overwhelm.

Prioritise more effectively.


Find information


Foundational Productivity Principles.
  • A calm and clear mind is a productive mind.
  • Make your work visible and actionable – clarity brings power.
  • Slow down to speed up.
  • Be where you are.
  • Finish what you start.
  • Make tomorrow even better than today.
Time-Saving Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Outlook and Windows.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move around and create new items – fast..
  • See Outlook’s second name in action – ‘drag till you drop’.
  • Quick Parts: Never retype information more than once.
  • ALL CAPS to lower case without retyping.
  • Many more time-saving tips for Outlook and Windows.
Eliminate Email Overwhelm.
  • Choose to be proactive rather than at the mercy of what others want you to do.
  • Treat your Inbox like a postbox at the post office.
  • Move actions from Inbox to Calendar and Tasks.
  • Manage your work in process in a single Outlook window.
  • Never miss a reminder again.
  • No more email distractions – notifications only on demand.
  • Stop the CC madness.
Prioritise more effectively. Optimise your Calendar and Tasks.
  • Your Calendar is one of your most important productivity tools.
    • Plan.
    • Prioritise. (colour coding and categories).
    • Track.
    • Communicate..
    • Make all your reminders visible in your Calendar view.
  • Use Tasks to manage “ASAP” actions.
    • Organise and prioritise by context.
    • Never again forget something to discuss.
    • Delegate: You should only do what only you can do.
Stay focused.
  • Get rid of notifications.
  • Create your ‘safety net’. Relax and stay focused on your work until the triggering email arrives.
  • Manage boundaries.
  • Communicate priorities.
  • Protect your focus time.
  • Use colour-coding and categories.
Find information faster.
  • Search folders
    • Never type the same search terms again.
    • Get live search results with one click.
  • Contacts (People)
    • Create contacts from email.
    • Organise by category.
    • Keep track of conversations.
    • Easy follow-up system.
    • Save time by using contact groups.
  • Notes : The ideal place to keep reference information.
    • Passport and ID numbers.
    • Company policy.
    • Recipes.
    • Banking details.
    • Quotes and stories.
    • Non-sensitive passwords.
  • Discussion notes (almost nobody we first meet know about this time- and stress-saver).
BONUS: Get and stay even more productive.

Just by being on this workshop you get access to our weekly Productivity Pit Stop Open Forum.  It’s a Q&A format and you can come and go as you please.  Get your questions answered and leave, or learn from others.


Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021

Time: 09:30 – 12:30.  Regular brain breaks and leg-stretches.

Recording: The workshop will be recorded, so even if you cannot make it to the live event, you can access the replay with your registration in place.

Manual: You get your manual in PDF format.

Registration: R950 (VAT not applicable).

Where and what?

Platform: Zoom. (Link to be emailed to you.)

Connectivity: Preferably 5Mbps+ internet speed.

Monitors: Use two Monitors. One for your computer so you can implement in real time. The other one can be a second computer monitor or tablet or phone so you can follow the facilitator.

Audio and video: Please activate your microphone and camera for best personal  interaction and engagement.


Content:  as described above above.

Micro-lessons of about 8 – 13 minutes each.

Brain-breaks: We take frequent brain-breaks and two 8-minute comfort breaks.

Q&A: This is an interactive event.  Your questions are answered as they arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Mac user, will this work for me?

No. This workshop is exclusively designed for PC users. Even if you use “Outlook for Mac”, this will not be of value to you.

Will this work for my version of Outlook?

Yes.  Our demonstrations are done on Outlook 365. Although the user interface might be different in your version of Outlook, the same tips, tricks and techniques still apply. And if you get stuck, help is just a phone call or email away.

Do you have a self-study online course?

Yes.  Thirteen chapters with short microlearning lessons with 2-3 minutes videos. Pricing is at R1800, and our bonus offer to you is that you can get six-months access to the online self-study course for just R850 if you have enrolled in the intensive 3-hour Outlook Productivity Online workshop.  Click to let me know if you are interested.

Can I contact someone for help?

Yes, you have direct access to my calendar and Inbox. Happy to help!

What about 1-1 private tuition?

Gerrit Cloete is our expert in private tuition.  Email him to discuss options.

From Duncan Hattingh, Your Facilitator

I am the lead facilitator and content creator for Outlook Productivity in our Online School of Productivity.  I often refer to myself as a hard-working lazy person and I’m on a constant search to do things more effectively and efficiently.  Once I have found something that saves me time, effort, and stress, I love sharing it with the rest of the world.