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Since 2003 more than 13 000 people from 320+ companies (including 67 of the Top 500 Best Managed Companies in South Africa) in 12 countries are relying our Outlook Productivity System to get the right things done easier, faster, and better.

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Duncan Hattingh and  Gerrit Cloete

Co-Founders of  the Online School of Productivity
(a division of Productivity Pit Stop)

What you’re getting in this FREE educational microlearning webinar
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  • How to save time with just this one shortcut. Most people waste time with old-school copy-and-paste.  This trick is guaranteed to save you tiome.
  • Get out of your Inbox. Too many people use their Inbox as some kind of to-do list.  Put axtions where the must be – and that’s not your Inbox.
  • Tips to stay focused rather than drowning in a sea of distractions and interruptions.
  • Foundation of the Outlook Productivity System.  Content, support, workplace implementation.
  • Get to the nitty-gritty. You can request a seat at our live detailed demonstration webinar to see how you can implement the Outlook Productivity System. For you, your team, or groups in your business. Lots of time for us to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • PLUS, you get a PDF to download so you can immediately implement the tips you get today.

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Gerrit and Duncan

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