IMPORTANT:  Our recent survey showed that most people prefer this session to happen at 15:30 every second Thursday.  That’s the way we’ve scheduled them, with a few exceptions because of conflicting commitments and public holidays.

When you joined us for your “Productivity Breakthrough for Outlook Users: 8 Basic Work Habits of Exceptionally Productive People” workshop, you got your “productivity swing” going.

Unless the swing gets a little push every now and then, it will come to a dead stop.

This series of  Productivity Breakthrough  support webinars have been designed to give your “productivity swing” a little push every two weeks.

Access to these webinars is exclusively available to you and others who have attended one of our Productivity Breakthrough workshops.

Please note that we may change the schedule due to unforeseen reasons.  This will be the exception and not the rule.  

Any changes will be published on this web site and also in the reminder emails  you receive.

2017 schedule


14 September: Work Habit 2: Clarity.

28 September: Work Habit 3: Alignment.

12 October:  Work Habit 4: Focus.

26 October: Work Habit  5: Adaptability.

9 November: Work Habit 6.  Completion.

23 November: Work Habit 7: Slow down to speed up.

7 December: Work Habit 8: Learn and improve.



Work Habit 1: Think productive. 19 January, 11 May, 31 August

Work Habit 2: Clarity.  2 February, 25 May, 14 September

Work Habit 3: Alignment. 16 February, 8 June, 28 September

Work Habit 4: Focus.  2 March, 22 June, 12 October

Work Habit  5: Adaptability.  16 March, 6 July, 26 October

Work Habit 6.  Completion. 30 March, 20 July, 9 November

Work Habit 7: Slow down to speed up.  11 April, 3 August, 23 November

Work Habit 8: Learn and improve.  25 April, 17 August, 7 December

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