Time after time our surveys confirm the top four personal productivity challenges for people who use MS Outlook:

  • Email overwhelm.
  • Prioritsing effectively.
  • Staying focused within a whirlwind of distraction.
  • Finding information fast.
Our job is to help you and your team address these challenges.  To close the gap between how things are now and how you want them to be.
The easiest way to talk more about this will be if you join one of our weekly Outlook Productivity Educational Webinars.
We made the schedule very user-friendly.  There is a live online event every Thursday.  One week at 11:00, and the next week at 19:00. We are live every time – no recordings.  This is not a series or summit – every event stands on its own two feet.
Since 2003  more than 13 000 people in 320 companies in 12 countries. have relied on our Outlook Productivity system of efficient workflow management to
Implementing this system for yourself or for your team and business is straight forward.
PS: Because we do these live online educational workshops every second week, you will most probably be fortunate to be in a small group so we can have the conversation in the format of a Boardroom Briefing with lots of interaction and opportunities to ask questions and challenge us.
See you soon!
Kind regards.
Gerrit Cloete
082 737 3676