Productivity Breakthrough for Outlook Users:

8 Basic Work Habits of Exceptionally Productive People

Want to get more of your “right things” done with less effort and time?

You have an opportunity to do this at a Productivity Breakthrough workshop in Bloemfontein on 9 November 2016.

Here is what it is all about:

People tell us that they do NOT like the following work-related things

  • Work more than 40 hours per week
  • Do work related things in the evening and weekends
  • Procrastinate
  • Don’t finish what they set out to do
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Don’t have a good system for managing projects and work in progress
  • Miss deadlines
  • Lots of stress
  • Don’t get Inbox empty once-a-day
  • Interruptions
  • Not optimally using their technology

It does NOT have to be like this

We had a look this and designed our new workshop “Productivity Breakthrough for Outlook Users: 8 Basic Work Habits of Exceptionally Productive People” to help them eliminate these things, get more done with less effort – bottom-line is that hey are happier and more productive.

Work Habit 1 Think “Productive” Limiting beliefs (I have to;  I don’t have the time; I am not good enough; Multitasking works for me…) yield unproductive results.  It can be changed around.

Work Habit 2 Clarity: Make your work visible and actionable.  Your Inbox is not your work; you have to process your Inbox and then manage your actions in your Calendar and Tasks

Work Habit 3 Alignment: Make sure that the actions in your calendar and task lists support the achievement of your current priorities.

Work Habit 4 Focus: Stay with the task at hand – no multitasking, minimal distractions and interruptions.  Turn off notifications.  Say “no”.

.Work Habit 5 Adaptability: Be flexible and adapt to changes in context. Renegotiate commitments with yourself and others. Under-schedule.

Work Habit 6 Completion: Finish what you start.  Beware of perfectionism and procrastination.

Work Habit 7 Slow down to speed up: This is the paradox of high performance.  Things need to be done at the appropriate pace.  People who rush make 25% more mistakes.

Work Habit 8 Learn  and improve: There is always a better way of doing things; continuous improvement.

BONUS just for Bloem!  Basic email etiquette

We have also included a special time-saver section to help you save time by using various keyboard shortcuts, tips, tricks and techniques in both the Outlook and Windows environment.

People who have done this workshop have this to say about it …

  • It will benefit you in eliminating your intimidating Inbox! – Riekie Snyman
  • Amazing tip and tools to make my life easier. – Charlotte Fourie
  • Brilliant. – Barry Odendaal
  • Great, easy to implement ideas to manage commitments and expectations. – Zoleka Ngcete
  • Great efficiency workshop. Hazel Bethel
  • Very informative and useful. – Monika Geldenhuys
  • Great way to help minimize the clutter in your Outlook and manage your day more effectively. – Dane Johnson
  • Productivity made easy. – Jackie Steyn
  • Outstandingly valuable. – Jill Lithgow
  • Add value to my day by freeing up time. – Avril Stroh
  • Informative and practical. – Roger Wilson
  • Very useful, and a strategy for other areas of your life as well. – Thea Kruger

Now it is your chance

This is an invitation to join a small group for an intensive and interactive hands-on-the-keyboard workshop to help you increase your personal productivity and begin using Outlook as a business productivity tool and not just for email and meetings like most other people do.

This is not an “Outlook training” workshop.  It’s about getting more of your “right things” done with as little effort as possible while using your Outlook as an implementation tool during the workshop.  Our aim is to enable you to improve your personal productivity and in the process also leverage the tool you are already familiar with and have already invested in.  You will learn a lot of things about Outlook in the process of increasing your productivity.

You will bring your laptop and work live in your own Outlook so you don’t have to find extra time to implement your new knowledge and skills afterwards.  (We do not provide computers.)

Next opportunity in Bloemfontein

Date: Tuesday 8 November 2016

Time: 08:30 – 16:00 (including sufficient time for lunch and breaks)

Where: To be finalised

Fee: For your fee of R2 500 excl VAT per person (R2 150 excl VAT pp for 3+ seats), you get:

  • Professional and expert facilitation
  • A CD with the complete 90 page manual and relevant productivity articles
  • Laminated “Map For Action” that will help you to make your work visible and actionable
  • Workbook in which you make your personal notes
  • An attendance certificate (on request)
  • Free parking
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Never-ending support: fortnightly webinars as well as email and telephone support

Click here to register for the public workshop on Tuesday 8 November 2016

Interested in an in-house workshop for up to 12 people?  Click here to send your enquiry.


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