How You Can Achieve A Productivity Breakthrough To Achieve Even More Success In A Demanding and Fast-Changing World 

 We created this “time-release” programme to fit your time and energy schedule.



People tell us all the time that these “productivity handbrakes” prevent them from working at optimal productivity::

  • multitasking
  • unclear goals and priorities
  • procrastination
  • interruptions
  • distractions
  • having no system to manage projects and work in progress
  • too much stress
  • email overload
  • overwhelm
  • ineffective and time wasting meetings
  • too much to do and not enough time to do it in (and therefore end up rushing through life)
  • long working hours
  • doing work over weekends

Sounds familiar? sadIf so, there is a gap between your every day activities and what you really want to achieve.  You may often feel frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned and even angry.


happyPeople want to close the gap and enjoy a more productive, happy and fulfilling life – maybe that’s true for you as well. We listened to the feedback in our productivity surveys and created the new 8 Module Productivity Breakthrough Series to support you in your quest.

What’s In It For You?

Why-Do-ItPeople who attend our live Productivity Breakthrough workshops tell us all the time that this makes their lives so much easier.  You can expect the same benefits from this modular “time release” programme. Some of the most frequently mentioned benefits are that you:

  • save up to 40 minutes per day
  • feel and be more in control
  • eliminate your own “productivity handbrakes” and achieve better results with less effort
  • be very clear about your current values, priorities and goals and use it as a guideline to choose what to do and what to leave
  • get better at saying “no”
  • improve results by understanding and changing potentially limiting beliefs
  • minimise interruptions and be more focused
  • improve your life balance
  • live an even more productive, happy and fulfilling life

Who Should Do This?

check markYOU – if you want to increase your productivity and make your life easier and more balanced.  It does not matter how old you are, what your experience or qualifications are, if you are a one man show or CEO of an international company, whether you are working in business or in government, or if you are a Mom’s Taxi.

Who Should NOT Do This?

noIf you are completely satisfied with your life the way it is right now, this won’t be for you.  If you’re looking for a “flavour of the month” solution, joining this programme will not work for you.  If you think you “know it all”, take a pass on this programme.

What’s Different About This Programme?


It is geared to let you know not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it. You’ll walk away with a complete roadmap on how to work and live at optimal productivity.  And the fact that you get it delivered over a period of time ensures that you are not rushed and have time to put your new knowledge and skills into practice.

Will It Work For You?

If you are just enrolling and if you have no intention to do anything with what you get – no.  On the other hand, if you will GO with what you get, it will work for you.  If you do the work and it does not, just see my money back guarantee.


What Will You Learn Anyway?

This What-did-u-learn-todayprogramme is based on time-proven productivity improvement principles and you will learn how to make them work for you rather than you working against them.


  • Create and maintain a productive mind set – The results you get flow from your beliefs, some of which could be limiting your performance.
  • Clarity – Be crystal clear about your values, priorities, goals, outcomes and actions. To quote Tony Robbins: “Clarity brings power.”
  • Alignment – Do only things that move you closer to your current priorities. Know what conditions make you productive and keep it in place.
  • Focus – Eliminate interruptions, distractions, multitasking.  Focus on the things you want to do.  Also simplify your life. From Steve Jobs: “[Focus] means saying no to the hundreds of other good ideas that there are.  You have to pick carefully.”
  • Adaptability – Priorities and context changes all the time.  You need to be able to renegotiate actions all the time with yourself and others. “Adapt or die.”
  • Completion – Finish what you start and eliminate the wasted energy and focus by forever mentally revisiting all the open loops in your life.
  • Slow down to speed up – This is the paradox of high performance. People who rush make 25% more mistakes.
  • Lifelong learning – Learn from every day and every week to make the next day better. “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein.

(If you need more details please  click here to send me an email.)

How Does The Programme Work?


There are 8 modules of one hour each plus you get a bonus “tying it all together” module if you get all 8. The modules will be released as per the schedule below, and you can then download it or get it on CD. There is a 21 day breather between modules which will give you the opportunity to prepare for the next module and implement what you have learned.  In the 3 weeks following a module I will support you by email, send you related information and encourage you in your quest for increased productivity.


Topic Kick-off date
Productive Mind-set: You get what’s in your mind Released
Clarity: Clarity brings power Released
Alignment: Choose your actions wisely Released
Focus: Say NO to everything trying to pull you off course Released
Adaptability: Priorities change and so should your commitment to them. Released
Slow down to speed up Released
Completion: Finish what you start 23 August 2015
Lifelong Learning: Once you stop learning, you start dying 11 September 2015
Putting it all together (ONLY if you have booked for all the  other 8 modules) 2 October 2015

For each module you will receive a workbook in MS Word format.

You will get any preparation work, links to relevant articles and assignments on the web page for the module.

Between sessions you can contact me personally by email, SMS or phone with your questions.  I will also be sending you relevant articles.

 How does the technology work?

support_webinarsBased on your choice of media, you will either receive a download link or DVD for each module, which you can work through at your own pace and at a time that best suits you. You will also gain access to a repository of information (articles, downloads etc) for every module you book for.  This web site will be shared with you and you can access it at any time.

How does the value exchange work?

IMPORTANT: The pricing below relates to the downloadable modules; to get it delivered to your front door on DVD,  R200 per module is added for shipping and handling.

There are two options: single-user or single-site license.

SINGLE-USERValue-Exchange-and-Money-300x198 license:   

  • R297 per module – and that includes VAT.  This is for one individual and is not meant to be shared
  • In the shopping cart below you can book the individual modules you would like to own.
  • Payment options: When checking out you can choose to pay by direct bank transfer or with your Visa or MasterCard.  Amex and Diners are not accepted at this time.
  • If you have a COUPON CODE for a discount, you can enter that after you have clicked VIEW CART.

Value-Exchange-and-Money-300x198SINGLE-SITE license:

  • The price of R2970 per module (incl VAT), is a cost-effective option that allows you to screen the module in one room in one building for a group of people.
  • You will be sent one download link (or DVD) per module and it is your responsibility to make arrangements for appropriate screening and audio quality at your facility.
  • We will send you one electronic copy of the workbooks and other communication and it will be your responsibility to distribute that to everyone that will be attending the session.  
  • If you would prefer to register a single-site license, please do not use the shopping cart below but click here to send me an email and I will be in touch to make arrangements.
  • Payment can be done by direct bank transfer or with your company Visa or MasterCard.  Amex and Diners are not accepted at this time.
  • If you have a COUPON CODE for a discount, you can enter that after you have clicked VIEW CART.

Our Unprecedented Money Back Guarantee

money-back-guaranteeIf you don’t honestly think we’ve given you many times what you paid in valuable content, then ask for and receive a full refund! I KNOW the information will be that good. Period.

About Your Programme Leader, Gerrit Cloete

(Note: I might even invite guest speakers…)

SinGerrit Cloetece 1991 I have been working with individuals, teams and groups to help them improve their productivity.  By proactively contacting authors of best selling books I have met with ground breaking leaders in personal effectiveness and productivity: Stephen R Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Jerry Fletcher (Paradoxical Thinking: How to profit from your contradictions; Patterns of High Performance), David Allen (Getting Things Done) and Barbara Hemphill (Taming The Paper Tiger), and also had conversations with Carl Honoré (In Praise of Slow). I have successfully integrated best practices from these and other thought leaders in my work and therefore offer a unique solution to help improve productivity of individuals and teams.

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If you want to register a single-site license, please click here to send me an email. 

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