I know you are a very busy person and have lots to do before this day over.

I also know that you are keen on boosting your productivity otherwise you would not be reading this page now.

It is often difficult to find the time to attend a seminar or workshop even if you really want to improve your productivity skills.

Therefore I am offering you the opportunity to participate in one or more sessions of my brand new 4-part teleseminar programme.  The only technology you need is your telephone.  And the only amount of time you need is 60 minutes.


The schedule and topics

Each topic is a high value educational session in its own right and you will receive  preparation material in advance.  Each seminar includes a Q&A  session.  (And please note that the purpose of these seminars is to support you to increase your productivity and happiness – it is not a platform to introduce new services or sell you other “stuff”.)

4 November: Improve my self-discipline so I can do what I must do when I must do it even if I don’t feel like it.

11 November: Have a proven and consistent system to manage my email so that I deal with it in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

18 November: How to prioritse my work, manage my time and get the most from my day.

25 November: Life is fast – sometimes too fast.  Know how to slow down and simplify things.

Sessions are scheduled for 19:00 CAT, but you are welcome to use the form below to indicate a time you would prefer and based on the feedback of all participants the time might change.


Each session is recorded and the recording will be posted on a special web site for participants in this programme, so if you cannot make the day and time it is no problem since you can access it at another time.


Registration feeYou can choose to join any one of the sessions for the special low opening price of R95 (including VAT) per session or take all four for just R320.

Please complete the form below and indicate which sessions you will be attending, as well as your preferred payment method.  If you prefer to pay by credit card I will contact you for the details.

Once I receive your form we can complete the paperwork.

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