In a nutshell, this is a one-day workshop during which you will get to know, practice and love “8 Basic Work Habits to Rapidly and Sustainably Increase Productivity”.  On contrast with our Outlook Productivity workshops, Productivity Breakthrough is totally “technology-free”.

It is designed to be highly interactive and built on the principles of experiential learning.

“8 Basic Work Habits to Rapidly and Sustainably Increase Productivity”, summarised:

  1. Create and sustain a productive mindset – never believe a lie and limiting beliefs.
  2. Clarity: Make your work visible and actionable.
  3. Alignment: Make sure that all processes in your system enable you to do only those things that support you to work towards achieving your top priorities.
  4. Slow down to speed up:  Life is rushed!  People who rush make more mistakes than people who don’t.  Do things at their appropriate pace for optimal productivity.
  5. Focus: The world wants to disrupt you!  Don’t allow it…
  6. Flexibility: Things change.  Stay in the moment and adapt quickly to changes in context.
  7. Completion: Finish what you start.  Minimise non-creative procrastination and perfcectionism.  Beat Zeigarnik’s effect!
  8. Continuous improvement: There’s always a better way.  Learn from every day and every experience to make your life better.


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All the best!



Gerrit Cloete