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Optimal productivity.
Minimal effort.



Your Personal Productivity Gap Is Costing You Time And Money. 
It Doesn’t Have To.

Is it fair to say that, as far as your personal productivity is concerned, you are experiencing a gap between how you are experiencing things right now, and how you would like things to be?  

I guess so, otherwise you would not be reading this now.

What is personal productivity? Getting your right things done – easier, faster, and better. Not rushing around checking boxes before the day ends

With the experience I have had with helping more than  13 000 people from 320+ companies in 12 countries, I can help you  to identify and close the gap so you have an even  happier and more fulfilling life.

By far the most effective way to see if and how we can work together to close the gap, is to have a chat.

There are a number of orange buttons on this page.  Click on any one to send me an email and I will be in touch.

Gerrit Cloete
Your Guide and Companion

I look forward to joining you on your journey to personal productivity mastery.

To help you get your right things done easier, faster, and better.

More than 13 000 people from 320+ companies in 12 countries have already found that working with me makes life easier for them.

I’d like to be at your side on your journey

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb.

How does Productivity Mastery work?

We focus just on one thing: your success.

To get you from where you are to where you want to be.

The programme will be available in two formats.

A hybrid format of self-study plus the support and structure of working in a group, is by far the most effective way of online learning. You have flexibility yet accountability and motivation that being part of a group brings.

The programme has eight modules (with bite-sized lessons) that you do independently – before the next group session.

The group meets once a week for an hour in a live, interactive, facilitator-led workshop to take a deeper dive into the content and learn from each other.

The programme engages you for eight weeks, plus a bonus onboarding and final “teach back” workshop.  This is designed to help you integrate your learning into your everyday life gradually and systematically.

Ongoing Support: During and after the programme you will have direct access to me by phone, email and WhatsApp.

Independent self-study, with limited email support.

For both version you can add on-demand private tuition and coaching.

When we have our conversation, we will find out which way will serve you best.

The fee will depend on the option and service level you choose. It could vary between about R1789 and R7890 (VAT does not apply), excluding private sessions.. Let’s discuss this when we meet, and then fit your course design to your budget.

Need more detail? Let's chat.

Is this for you?

Productivity Mastery has been designed with busy professionals in mind.  People who believe in lifelong learning.  People who want to get and stay even more productive. People who enjoy life.

The content and format has been tested and proven in groups where we had self-employed individuals, senior executives and managers from large companies, owners of small businesses, politicians, and career professionals.

How will you know if it can work for you?

Let’s talk.

We will explore your ideal situation, things that are currently holding you back from getting there, and practical steps you can take right away to get going.

Need some guidance?

 What Past Participants Have Said 

Moosa Karodia, PrEng Ceng
Production Manager at SAPREF(Durban) Refinery

“The Mastery Programme is designed to entrench a new habit, a new and improved way of working, organizing, thinking and feeling. I have personally benefited immensely from the Mastery Programme in that a new productivity mindset has been created. I now feel much less anxious and much more relaxed.

I would recommend the Mastery Programme to anyone who wants to take back control of their lives, both business and personal.”

Jan Mocke
The Joburg Market

“I would like to thank you at this stage while we are still busy with the Productivity Mastery Programme. [Even] if we would stop at this stage, I would already feel that is probably the best value for money I received from any course that I have done – and I have done quite a few.

Some of the articles you share are really enlightening and all I regret is that I was not exposed to this information earlier in my life.

Bradley Hlubi
Operations Director: B&H Safety Consultants

“The programme is really tailored around people with busy schedules that need help. It really got me to rethink my levels of productivity and effectiveness. Started to expose me to other people and gain some tips on how to be more efficient.

A key learning for me is that you cannot trust yourself to remember everything – instead build a system and then use your trusted system to manage your workflow. Key personal management techniques were also taught..”

Peet van Jaarsveld
Group CFO, Digicall Solutions

I have formed and adapted and implemented quite a few new habits that are already paying off handsomely. My previous ways of handling emails and requests were not sustainable and has led to a lot of frustration. I now have a system that serves me much better.

Another major benefit of the programme is insight into oneself and understanding some issues better. And secondly insight into principles that highly successful people use. I think this offers a major opportunity for learning and growth.”

Henk Agenbach
CEO, Humansdorpse Koöperasie

“The programme helped me to understand that my problem with productivity is not unique but a general problem in the current high speed and quantity of information environment we operate in.

It also helped me to manage my time so as to focus on the most value adding aspects of my life not only as a CEO but also personally”.

Your name can be here


“With your story to tell about how you closed your personal productivity gap.”.

Let's talk?


Personal Productivity Mastery
Programme Content

There are eight modules in Productivity Mastery.
They form an integrated whole – your spiderweb of personal productivity.
Touch the one and all respond in support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is for me or not?

Send me an email and we talk about it.  Together we will see if there is a gap, what your challenges are, and what you can do to move forward.  WARNING: This is not a high-pressure sales conversation!  It’s an exploratory call to see of there is enough ‘Velcro’ between you, me, and the programme content and methodology.

Why can I not just sign up? Why must we first talk?

Great question!  Both of us must know that this is the right thing for you.  If I feel that this is not the best thing for you to do at the moment, or that the ‘chemistry’ between doesn’t work so well, I will tell you, and we wish each other well. 

Let’s talk, and if you then choose the independent self-study option, then it’s straight forward.  You pay the enrolment fee and the programme content is your for 6 months.  But in any other modality we need to connect on a personal level.

What's the enrolment fee?

That is determined by the option you select, and we will talk about this when we meet.  Options include self-study, joining a group, and on-demand coaching. Just putting a single number here without your personal context won’t make a lot of sense, but you would be looking at between R1 789 and R7 890 (VAT not applicable), excluding private coaching sessions.

When do I have to decide? I need to discuss this with someone else.

That’s perfect.  After our initial conversation, discuss this with all the other people you want to, consider the time and financial implications, and then let’s meet again in two days’ time to decide together.

How much time must I set aside?

We will discuss this when we talk.  It depends on your preferred modality. When you join the group, we meet for about one hour every week for eight weeks.  There are two bonus get-togethers: onboarding and getting to know each other and a final session where you join with a few fellow students and teach a module of the course back to the rest of the group.

I am not really a high-tech person - does that matter?

Not at all.  All you need is a good internet connection to get full value from our individual and group events.  Chrome is the preferred browser to us.  Our live events are held on Zoom and it’s really simple to join and participate.

Thank you for your visit.

I trust that you have already gained some insight into the essence of personal productivity and how Productivity Mastery can support you in achieving what you would like to have.