1.  Productivity Breakthrough

If you are having busy day after busy day, yet feel unproductive and unfulfilled, there most probably is a gap between the things you really want to do  and the things you actually end up doing. E.g. many people say their families are most important for them, yet there is zero proactively planned family time in their calendars and it they let it run by default.n.

Gerrit Cloete, Kevin Horsley and Duncan Hattingh have joined forces and invite you to join them for their latest and most comprehensive productivity improvement programme.   Gerrit and Duncan are members of the productivity consulting and training firm Productivity Pit Stop, and have helped more than 6 000 executives, managers and their team members in more than 200 companies improve their productivity and quality of life.  Kevin is an International Master of Memory and has found in his years of research that there is a massive gap between understanding information and using information.  What he does is share key thinking tools and accelerated learning methods to close this gap.

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2.  Complimentary 30 minute webinar for users of MS Outlook

We currently offer a complimentary 30 minute webinar “The 5 Biggest Time-Wasting Mistakes Outlook Users Make – And How to Eliminate Them.” This gives you solutions to stop wasting time every time you use Outlook.

This webinar also serves as an overview of the basic system our clients use to achieve higher levels of productivity.

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3.  Public half-day Outlook Productivity workshop

We keep a few days per year available for Outlook Productivity workshops that are open to the public.  These workshops are usually held in  in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

If you are interested  and would like to be alerted about these events, please send us your details from this web page and we will keep you informed.

Details about the workshop are available here.