Once-off Special Offer for Secretaries Who Attended Duncan’s Outlook Talk

on 6 September 2018 at the Secretaries Day Conference in Johannesburg


This Online Offer EXPIRES on 28 September 2018

To ensure the best possible learning environment

we limit the number of participants per workshop to 12 – 15

We will rather add more dates to the schedule than have groups that are too big to ensure the best learning opportunity for you



How to rapidly and sustainably get the right things done – easier, faster and better.


Become a master of Outlook Productivity Principles, tips, tricks and techniques, save time, have less stress and more fun – WITHOUT having to spend hours online, read more books and articles and waste time searching for “the solution”


Aren’t you glad you made it to Duncan Hattingh’s Outlook & OneNote presentation at the Secretaries Conferece on 6 September in Johannesburg?

It all went a bit quick, but could you see how much easier your life will be once you start applying those strategies – and much, much more – with Duncan’s help?

Imagine how much time you would have saved a year from now – probably one whole month.

People who use our system of Outlook Productivity, of which you saw a tiny tip of the iceberg:

  • Save 40 minutes per day
  • Have less stress
  • Are better organised
  • Regain control of their everyday lives
  • Stay on top of email rather than being overwhelmed by it
  • Work with sharper focus, yet they are more relaxed
  • Have even more productive, happier and fulfilling lives.

 I work with Duncan, and we want to reward you for being at Duncan’s presentation, and for being enthusiastic about it.

Duncan wants to see you at one of his last workshops this year in Cape Town (3 October and 14 November) or Johannesburg (11 October and 21 November).  You bring your laptop or computer with you (or we can rent one for you for the day) and work in Outlook in real time.  If you have 8-12 people in your company who also want to be more effective and efficient, Duncan will come to your premises and do the workshop there.

The Johannesburg workshops take place at the Benvenuto Conference Centre in Kelland, Randburg.  The Cape Town workshops take place at Belmont Square, Rondebosch.

This workshop is much more than Outlook training – you will leave with a system of high-performance workflow management as you implement time-proven productivity principles in Outlook.

Yes, you will learn how to use Outlook as an efficient business productivity tool and not just for email and meeting management like most other secretaries and executive assistants  in most other companies do.

What people say about this workshop (content below my signature)

  • It will benefit you in eliminating your intimidating Inbox! – Riekie Snyman
  • I can already see the time this will save me – and also how it will help me to “keep up with” and not miss important items. – Claire Lees
  • Great, easy to implement ideas to manage commitments and expectations. – Zoleka Ngcete
  • Great efficiency workshop. Hazel Bethel
  • Productivity made easy. – Jackie Steyn
  • Outstandingly valuable. – Jill Lithgow
  • Add value to my day by freeing up time. – Avril Stroh
  • My emails and planning of my tasks are going to be so much smoother and less stressed. Informative, mind changing, an absolute must! – Deidre de Vos
  • Really worthwhile – essential for supporting success. – Dena van den Bergh


Once-off Special Offer for Secretaries Who Attended Duncan’s Outlook Talk on 6 September 2018

Join one of our public workshops in Cape Town or Johannesburg at a special “Secretaries Conference Discount” of 20% – just because you were in the hall with Duncan.

Save R600! Your special registration fee is just R2 900 R2 300 excl VAT per person. Book 3+ seats and get 5% more off!

IMPORTANT: This one-time special offer will only remain available online until Friday 28 September 2018, after which the fee to join our workshops goes back to the standard rate.

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When we get it, we will contact you for further details – note that this is not yet a confirmed booking..

You can pay by with EFT, VISA or Mastercard.

NOTE:  We usually limit the number of participants to 12 to ensure attention and a high-quality learning experience.  Request your seats now while this is still fresh in your mind.

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IN-HOUSE OPPORTUNITY: Have 8-12 people in your orgainsiation who are interested?  Click here to email me and I will call you to make a plan for you.


By the way, if you want to be kept up to date with the 2019 conference, just click here and Catarina will let you know.

See you at the workshop!

Gerrit Cloete

Feel free to call me on 082 737 3676 to discuss options.


To request your seats, just click here, fill in the form and submit it and I will get back to you  


Outlook Productivity

Getting the Right Things Done – Simpler, Faster, Better

 Important notes

  • MS Outlook is used in real time as implementation tool throughout the workshop.
  • This outline describes the content of your workshop, not necessarily the flow of the workshop. See each topic as a building block in your new productivity “toolkit”.

 General Outlook and other Windows productivity and time-saving tips

  • Navigate and create new Outlook items 50% faster
  • Auto-create new items from any other source of information (Internet, Word, Outlook and more)
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts in Outlook, OneNote and Windows

 High-level Overview of Productivity Principles and 8 Basic Work Habits

  • Think Productive: A calm mind is a productive mind
  • Clarity: Make your work visible and actionable
  • Alignment: Make sure your actions in Calendar and Tasks are aligned with your priorities
  • Slow down to speed up
  • Focus: Avoid multitasking, minimise interruptions and distractions
  • Adaptability: Have the flexibility to change your actions as context changes
  • Completion: Finish what you start.  Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
  • Learn and improve

 High performance workflow management: Making things happen easier and faster than expected

  • A calm mind is a productive mind – get things out of your head and into your system
  • “Map for Action”: Turning chaos into order
  • Make your work visible and actionable. (Your Inbox is NOT your “To Do” list)
  • “Action management” vs “time management”

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Applying the high-performance workflow management system to your every day work using Outlook

  • Use Calendar as planning andcommunication tool
  • How to use Tasks
  • Prioritise
  • Delegate
  • Easily manage and communicate items to discuss with others.
  • Take your pr

How to organise and process your e-mail more efficiently

  • Email triage – high-level email processing
  • Structuring e-mail folders (minimalist!)
  • Use “Rules” to stay on top of your mail
  • “Quick Steps” (Outlook 2010 and later)
  • Create a “Finding System” instead of a “Filing System”
  • Make your work visible and actionable

Basic email etiquette


To request your seats, just click here, fill in the form and submit it and I will get back to you