The Optimal Productivity System: An Overview

This is a quick overview of the reasons why we created The Optimal Productivity System.  Rather than overloading you with possibly redundant details, scan this page and use the blue button to set up a 17-minute conversation to see if and how we can exactly meet your needs. If so, we can then discuss more details.  Makes sense?

Since 2003 we have been helping people get work done easier, faster, and better. Because of that, their companies save time worth one month’s payroll of people on the programme – every year.

Work happens at three levels:

  • Actions (self-management).
  • Projects (more than one action).
  • Meetings (whether we want them or not).

The Optimal Productivity System brings together time-proven principles, processes, tips, tricks, and techniques to help you and your team, department, and company to achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

The three modules in The Optimal Productivity System mentioned below form an integrated programme. You are welcome to implement the full programme, or the module(s) that will bring you the most benefit right now.

Outlook Productivity

  • Save 40 minutes per day (on average).
  • Be well organised and ready for anything.
  • Prioritise effectively when things change.
  • Stay focused despite distractions.
  • Find information faster.
  • Have less work-related stress.
  • Make your life easier.
  • Be happier, and more productive.

Built on a solid foundation of time-proven productivity principles, processes, tips, tricks, and techniques implemented in MS Outlook.


PS: Outlook Productivity is not basic Outlook training.  It’s about efficient workflow management.  This 5-minute video explains it well.

Managing Small Projects

Why “Small Projects”?

Sending a rover to Mars is a big project.  We are not talking about that kind of project here.

To improve the quality of your meetings. Launch a new product. Fill a vacancy.  Onboarding new employees. Having a successful team-building event.

These are all projects that require you to think, plan, communicate, track and complete them.

This module enables you to MS Outlook, MS OneNote, and the free mind mapping software XMind to manage your small projects even more successfully.

Better Meetings, Please!

 Zoom had over 300 million meeting participants per day in 2020 (Source: Business of apps).

Microsoft Teams had 75 million active daily users in 2020 (Source: Windows Central)

35% of participants state they waste 2-3 hours per day in meetings.

And let’s get real – this will not go away. It’s here to stay.

Imagine what it could be like if you had more effective, more efficient meetings so your “Meeting ROTI” (Return On Time Invested in meetings) steadily increased?

Your next steps…

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Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh
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