Gerrit Cloete

Companion on your journey to productivity mastery


I’ve had the privilege of helping more than 13 000 people from 320+ companies in 12 countries to get their right things done easier, faster, and better.


If we choose to work together in a one-to-one productivity coaching relationship, I do my best to listen, inspire, encourage, support, guide, teach, share from my body of knowledge…


I am your companion on your journey to productivity mastery.  


My task is to understand what you want and walk next to you as we go there.


I look forward to our informal first chat to see if there’s a good fit.











My specialty is to help you manage your workload and workflow more efficiently.

Workload: The amount of work you have to do in a period of time: The stuff that you have on your plate. Productivity suffers without proper workload management.

Workflow: The sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process. Keeping your plate manageable. This is my expertise. 

My job is to help you first say what you want, and to then do what you have to do. I want to leave you better off than when I walked in.

By far the most effective next step is to have a quick 17-minute informal coffee chat to talk about what you want, your current challenges, and what is required to get you there.

You can send me an email to suggest a time, or alternatively click the red button below and pick a time in my on

line calendar.

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Why is this a free consultation?

You may get so much value from our conversation that you won’t need any further support.  Nothing wrong with that. My gift to you for showing that you are serious about improving your condition

On the other hand, you may want to continue working together until you have achieved your goal. 

The first consultation is just an opportunity to see if there is a fit between you, me and the process.

Can we work like this? If I feel that it’s not going to work, I will tell you.  And you will tell me if you feel that way.


Outcome of our conversation

You will leave with:

  • Clarity about what it will be like, look like and feel like when you get what you want in terms of your personal and professional productivity.
  • Understanding your current driving forces to move you closer to how you would like things to be – to close the gap.
  • Knowing what is preventing you right now from already being there.
  • Actions to take right away that will help you trigger your journey.
  • Inspiration and excitement that you can create a positive change in your everyday life and achieve productivity mastery.

What’s next?

Click the orange button below to book a 17-minute free and informal chat.

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Looking forward!

Warm regards.

Gerrit Cloete

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