The clouds don’t care

Friday, on my first flight since March 2020, I was served the most beautiful tablecloth of cloud cover as we approached Cape Town.

There were no landmarks to see where we were. And even if there was no cloud, I would not have been able to see people on the ground.

The cloud covers everything, irrespective of what, who, or where we are. And it does not matter whether we like it or not – it does what clouds do.

We can vote 45 million to zero that we don’t agree with what the cloud is doing. Or that we don’t like the cloud.

The cloud doesn’t care.

It just does what it does.

The same with principles of effective living. Principles of efficiency. Principles of productivity.

Principles don’t care – they just keep working.

One of them came back to bite me today after I did not pay attention to it – Slow Down To Speed Up, one of the foundational principles in our 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery programme.

I wanted to send out an email inviting people to join our free 17-minute micro-productivity webinar about The “Shortkeys” Text Replacement Productivity Tool And Other Time-Saving Templates In Outlook. I then realised that I still had to create the webinar. So I left the email and created the webinar – without checking the start time. It should have been 11:07 but I set it at the default of 11:30.

I then completed the email invitation – with 11:07 as starting time! I violated the principle of slowing down to check the details, and I paid the price of inaccuracy.

I am happy to send you an infographic showing the 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery, and the principles involved – just click here and I will email it to you.

There’s just one fun condition – you will apply one of the principles for a week and then email me about your experience.


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