A breakthrough in project management planning

“Clarity brings power”, says Tony Robbins. Nothing could be truer for project management. After this webinar and follow-up, you will not only be able to be on top of the tech stuff like brainstorming, planning, communicating, tracking, and scheduling with free XMind software – you will experience peace of mind that everything is well-managed. Watch the 02:43 video for extracts from one of our Managing Small Projects webinars for a quick overview.

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Some of the biggest challenges people tell us about when managing small projects – we do our best to help you overcome them with this programme

  • To keep up and track multiple projects and deadlines at the same time. To complete them all successfully.
  • I want to develop a way to properly keep track of the sequence of my work on a project, so that when I have to go back and rework a step, that I know exactly where to go and what to keep in mind. /Keeping track of all projects, and ensuring that I act timeously on all.
  • Communication.
  • Keeping all team members up to date with project info.
  • Keeping track of all and their stages of progress.
  • Finding the right “tool” to keep all the information (no matter what format) in one place.
  • Getting a structured approach not to miss something

We want to give you the best chance of achieving even more success with the project management side of your career.

After this programme you will be able to use the XMind 8 Pro software (free) to not only brainstorm and plan your projects better, but also communicate, collaborate, track, and keep all your project-related information in ONE place.

In our context a project is simply anything that will take more than one step to be completed.

You will be confident in your decision making and taking the appropriate actions at the right time.

People will see the professional way in which you plan and execute your work, and you will make a bigger impact in your business.

To give you the best chance of success, you therefore don’t just get a single “Hello and goodbye” webinar.  You get:

  • Webinar on 29 September 2022.
  • You then implement your new knowledge and skills.
  • During this time, you can contact us for support.
  • On 6 October you join the follow-up webinar where people will share what they have done and get input from us and your fellow students.
  • After that you can join our weekly live support sessions on Zoom.
Book your seat here for just R695 To book more than one seat, click to email me and I will be in touch

Frequently Asked Questions | Agenda

Can I not just get all of this online for free?

Of course, you can. If you have the time to do research and discover the shortcuts that we give you – all by yourself. And if you have a proven track record of completing your online courses when there is no support.  When you join this programme you get it already fast-tracked and with our support.

Software cost?

You download XMind 8 Pro for free.  There is a paid version with more functionality, but it is not essential

  • First webinar.
  • Support during implementation.
  • Webinar two.
  • Weekly live support Q&A sessions.
Basics of brainstorming

How to easily break down your projects into topics, sub -topics and more.


How to show relationships between various topics in your mind map, with descriptions.


XMind Pro 8 gives you the option between an amazing variety of templates like org structure, fishbone, flow chart to name a few.


Share your mind map and get other people’s input and comments.  See comments by person.


Track progress visually with icons.  Set up teams.  Assign work to individuals.

Book your seat here for just R695 To book more than one seat, click to email me and I will be in touch


  • Registration: Once your payment has been confirmed, we will email you your registration link.
  • Date of first online workshop: Thursday 29 September 2022.
  • Date of second workshop: Thursday 6 October
  • Time for both workshops: 11:07- 12:37 (90 minutes)
  • Support during your first implementation: 29 September – 6 October.
  • Platform: Our preferred webinar platform at BigMarker – no downloads required, it’s just a click and you are there.
  • Recording: The recording will be available only to participants in the webinar.

About us

Since 2003 more than 13 000 people in 320 companies in 12 countries have been relying on our systems to get and stay even more productive. 

We have been teaching mind mapping since the beginning of our business and are proud to bring you this in-depth programme dedicated to using XMind as your preferred mind mapping too.  We want you to be even more successful in your career.

Your lead-facilitator, Duncan Hattingh

Duncan is a hardworking lazy guy, working very hard to achieve maximum impact with minimal effort.  He loves applying principles of effective project management in appropriate technology.  He is already lookig forward to hear your feedback about what you will learn in this programme.